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XCountry Course Hire

The course is now open during the week and on weekends for private individual and group hire.

You can book using the links below. 


If booking for more than four horses within a group or on behalf on an organisation, please contact Julie at 

Please keep an eye on our website as, if we have a lot of Spring rain, we may temporarily close the course.

Non 4x4's and Wagons:

Please park on the hard standing at the entrance of the XC parking field. The field is still a little wet for bigger vehicles. Please be respectful of those unloading/loading on your arrival. 

Please ensure you have read all T&C's below before booking the course! Your safety is our priority. 


The show jumps are available to hire but must be booked and approved in advance via email. Please do not use them unless you have done so!

T&C's of Booking LWXC

Emergency Contact: Julie Nixon 07736889293

Postcode: NE19 2LA   Nearest Hospital: Hexham

What Three Words: Driveways.Front.Pleasing

Phones must be carried at all times in case of emergency

  • Little Whittington XC accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or death of any person, animal or object caused by hiring the arena or accompanying a rider hiring the course. 

  • The T&C's section must be read and confirmed with your online booking or hire will be terminated. A tick box will appear on your booking application at checkout, or a downloadable/printable copy can be found below if you prefer.

  • All course hire must be paid for before commencing on the course. 

  • All riders MUST BE ACCOMPANIED by another adult, wether on foot or horseback. For safety purposes,   no one can commence on the course alone. 

  • All riders 16 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult, on foot or horseback.

  • Back protectors are compulsory for XC Schooling and competitions. 

  • ​​You may bring your own Instructor, but they must be named prior to attending. Insurance documents may be requested. 

  • Dogs are not permitted on the course

  • For group bookings of 5 horses or more, please contact us at We are very happy to welcome Pony Club, Riding Club and Organisations at a discounted rate. 

  • Please do not muck out trailers/wagons into the parking field. Haynets should not be tied to the side of a wagon/trailer and all rubbish, loose hay and droppings must be picked up on your departure. 

  • Please do not leave horses red up at the horse box/trailer unattended

  • Riders, and anyone accompanying them, must show consideration for others using the facilities and livery/farm workers. 

  • Toilets are currently out of use on the course

  • Correct hats to current safety are compulsory (BSI kite marked or PAS 01:1998)

  • The course is based on a working farm. PLEASE be aware of large, moving machinery and keep tracks/entrances clear when parking vehicles.

  • Please be responsible when using the course and stay well within your capability and horse’s fitness to avoid over jumping your horses. We do not want to cause avoidable accidents.

  • Anyone found riding dangerously will be asked to leave.

  • If damage is caused to the property or equipment, you are unlikely to be charged, but you MUST report to enable repairs to be made and prevent further injury to others.

  • Please clean up your mess in the car park (rubbish, horse muck, loose hay etc). Please do not leave horses tied up to the horse box/trailer unattended and avoid hanging haynets outside of the horsebox.

  • Please close the gate on arrival/when leaving to the parking field in case of a loose horse


Thank you for your support in adhering to the restrictions, your safety is our priority. Enjoy your visit


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