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The Leading Equine Biosecurity Specialist

Maintain the health of your horse in a pathogen free environment

Equine BIO Fluid : The only ‘ready to use’ formula disinfectant, tested to simulate the Equine environment and the likely pathogens therein.

Getting it right from the start!

As with any large organisation or indeed small privately run enterprise, health and safety of its personnel is of paramount importance. However, within the equine world this takes on a whole new meaning. We have all seen how many stable environments are in better condition than the owner's own home!

We understand this, which is why we have taken the step to introduce such an advanced product for our equine family with a focus on SAFETY.

What is Bio Security?

A set of practical measures, put in place to prevent the introduction, spread or growth of harmful micro-organisms that may cause infectious disease or pose a risk to the health of your horses.

Why Equine BIO Fluid?

  • Avoids the harmful chemicals present in many widely used disinfectants

  • Completely eco-friendly - degrades to water and oxygen

  • Approved for use in veterinary care facilities and animal husbandry

  • There are no known micro-organisms resistant to the active ingredient

  • Healthcare Grade – proven to be equally as effective for human pathogens such as: MRSA, E.Coli, Coronavirus and Norovirus

  • Safe for disposal into the water system

  • Can be used in trigger sprays, dipping bridles, soaking tack and in fogging machines, or knapsacks.

Why vapourise?

  • Evidence based research and peer reviewed trials conclude that the use of Dry Vapour technology is effective in combatting multi-drug resistant bacteria

  • Administered under heat & power, the system ensures FULL coverage, including those areas most hard to reach and often neglected

  • No moisture is left behind for bacteria to thrive in.

Contact us now

UK: Ben 07796 358 202 or Helen 07971 474 422
Ireland:Kate 353 85 100 0157


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